Tuesday, 21 August 2012

DJ Paul & Lord Infamous - Come With Me To Hell Part 1 [Memphis, TN] [1993]

1. Intro
2. 1000 Blunts (mix)
3. Porno Movie (pt. 1)
4. Drop It Off Ya Ass
5. Take Care Ya Biznesss
6. Lick My Nuts (pt. 2)
7. Pass That Junt (remix)
8. You Ain't Mad Iz Ya Bitch
9. All Dirty Hoes (Juicy J)
10. 187 Invitation
11. It's Cummin'
12. Back Against Da Wall (pt. 1)
13. Shout Outs
14. Takin' No Shorts


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    they took it down

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