Wednesday, 4 April 2012

DJ Sound - Volume 10 Hatred [1995] [Memphis, TN]

1. Intro
2. Watch Out For Da Click
3. Hoish Ass Niggaz
4. Kinkin' N Doors
5. Killing Muthafuckaz
6. O.S.P.
7. All I Want Is Just Cheese
8. Get Out My Way
9. Beat Em Down
10. Hoes Aint Just Hoes Part 2
11. Ridgecrest Killaz
12. Lick On Da Nutz
13. Outro

"If you always wanted to hear how Three 6 Mafia would sound if they never hit it rich, this tape is for you. If MOP isn’t hardcore enough for you, then this tape is for you. Good old fashioned Memphis gangster rap, no filler, no softness. A personal favorite of mine, and the greatest Memphis rap tape ever released in my personal opinion. NOW GO BUMP THIS JUNT MAYNE"

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