Tuesday, 3 April 2012

DJ Sound - Volume 6 Dungeon Mix [1993] [Memphis, TN]

1.  Intro
2.  Niggaz On The Street
3.  Stickem High
4.  Layem Low
5.  Blasting Hoes
6.  Tha Pimp Inside
7.  Let These Nuts Hang
8.  Side B Intro (D Tha Unknown)
9.  It Aint Over
10. Wit Sound On 6
11. Copkilla
12. Dolemite Skit
13. Whats Yo Name
14. G Bytch
15. These Nuts
16. Kick That Shit
17. 2nd Way Out
18. Just Smoke Pt. 1

"Music to the ears. Hardcore, horrorhiphop for the alternative genre. Horrorcore. Not just an unsigned band, but an underground establishment of classic gangster hits straight from the pits of hell, the evil doers of Frayser. Larceny in their hearts, fire in their eyes,and corruption in their veins, will take you to tha dungeon to dance with the devil. These MC's spit fire and will put you on blaze. 18 songs of torturous grooves you're in for a long ride the volume 6 at last for the public to feel the dragons rage. "   - DJ Sound